The one-stop-shop for your driving questions

Have you ever wanted to know what you need to have in place to go motoring abroad, understand what the numbers and letters on the side of you tyres actually mean or just needed some advice about looking after your car, well you can find all the answers at

My-cardictionary is the car knowledge portal provided by AAMPACT, an association of 52 leading car parts manufacturers, and is a free resource for those who want to know a little more about the basics of car ownership.

So, rather than being a detailed website for dedicated ‘petrolheads’, it’s designed to provide easy access to useful information to help owners overcome day-to-day problems or answer those questions that they feel they should perhaps know already, but don’t want to ask.

The site features two main areas: the dictionary that explains what each part of your car does and why it does it, and the magazine, which contains a library of short articles designed to answer questions and provide advice that will help you understand things a little more.

This bite-sized information will allow you to make wise decisions on everything from how to drive more safely, to maximising the life of your vehicle by taking steps to look after it, to thinking about what to pack when little ones are travelling with you.

Take a look at and let us know what you think and what else you need to know so that the one-stop-shop continues to serve car owners across Europe!

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