What should I do and what should I avoid when using my aircon?

  • Remember to use it!
  • Keep the temperature consistent
  • Service it annually
  • Don’t forget the cabin filter

Irrespective of its sophistication, most drivers these days have an air conditioning system in their cars, and it provides them with huge benefits, not just by keeping the cabin nice and cool on those hot sunny days, but also health wise because the air that enters the interior through the system is highly filtered and so is much cleaner and less polluted than it would be normally. But what are the dos and don’ts when using it?


Remember to use it!

Well, the first thing to do might come as a bit of a surprise, which is to use it all year round, but don’t turn it on until you’ve started the engine and remember to turn it off before you stop the engine. This means that as well as keeping cool in the summer, it will also ensure the windows will clear most efficiently and not mist up.


Keep the temperature consistent

Avoid setting the temperature to extremes, whether that’s to 16°C when its hot outside or to 28°C when it’s cold, instead set it to the temperature you are comfortable to sit in, which for most people is around 20°C.

Don’t make the aircon work harder than it needs to, so when it’s hot, first open the windows to get rid of the really hot air in the cabin, which will allow the system to start cooling air that’s at a slightly lower temperature already and means it will be cooler in the cabin quicker, but remember to close the windows once the very hot air has been let out!


Service it annually

The next points are to do with the maintenance of the aircon system so it’s always working at its best.

First, remember that the aircon is just as much a part of your car as the wheels and tyres, for example, so have it serviced every year and never try to do it yourself by attempting to top-up the refrigerant or make any adjustments, leave it to a professional.

If you notice that the system is not cooling very effectively or it’s making strange noises etc., take it to a workshop because if there is some sort of malfunction in the system, it can quickly cause damage to the other components within it.

If you are advised that the system needs to have the refrigerant topped up or ‘re-gased’ as it’s sometimes referred to, make sure that the workshop gives you an invoice which states the type of refrigerant that has been used, naturally this should match what the vehicle manufacturer has specified for the system. This will usually be either R134a or R1234yf but will be stated on a specific plate in the engine compartment.


Don’t forget the cabin filter

As well as ensuring the system is serviced every year, make sure that the cabin filter is replaced at the same time, because this is where all the dirt that would normally come into the cabin will have been collected. So, like the bag in your vacuum cleaner at home needs emptying and the filter cleaned, the cabin filter will need to be changed.

There is however, one thing you can do yourself and that’s when you lift the bonnet to check the oil, coolant or brake fluid levels, or top up the screenwash, and that’s to check the condition of the joints on the aircon system for any signs of leakage or corrosion. Again, should any be seen, seek professional help.

Applying these principles and using your aircon in this way, will help protect the system and improve your driving environment all year round!

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