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ACPS Automotive Services GmbH
Advanced Carrier and Protection Systems
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41199 Moenchengladbach

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ACPS Automotive Services Ltd.
Advanced Carrier and Protection Systems
18 Park View B

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With more than 65 years of experience, 2,200 employees and 10 locations worldwide, ACPS Automotive is the global technology leader and European market leader for towbars for cars, SUVs and vans. Under the ORIS brand, the company offers a wide range of premium towbars and bicycle carriers for retrofitting. In cooperation with the regional companies in Spain, Great Britain, Hungary, the Netherlands and the USA, ACPS Automotive Services manages the international Aftermarket business from Moenchengladbach, Germany.

More than 140 patents impressively demonstrate the innovation leadership of ACPS Automotive, that enables the company to play a key role in shaping the technological progress in the field of innovative towbar solutions. For this reason, many car manufacturers rely on towbars from the market leader for their series models.



The company consistently transfers its expertise and the strict standards from the Original Equipment sector to its innovative and safe retrofitting solutions, which are marketed under the ORIS brand in the spare parts trade and in vehicle workshops.  From fixed and detachable towbars to all-electric retractable systems, which are available for retrofitting for the first time ever thanks to ORIS: The company covers the complete demand for towbars.

The ORIS brand stands out with innovative technologies such as the unique, patented FIX4BIKE® system, which makes transporting bicycles on the towbar safer and more convenient than ever before. The bike carrier is simply pushed onto the towball head of the FIX4BIKE® towbar and locks into place: Lift it up, put it on, done. This saves a lot of time and fiddling and enables comfortable and safe bicycle transportation. No twisting or tipping - no need to check while driving.



At the same time, FIX4BIKE®, in combination with a specially developed towball rod, offers an exceptionally stable fixation of the bike carrier onto the towbar: the two special pins located on the side of the towball neck result in an absolutely secure connection between the FIX4BIKE® towbar and the FIX4BIKE® adapter solution on the carrier. This has significantly increased safety, especially during critical manoeuvers such as emergency braking or evasive manoeuvers.



ACPS Automotive's latest achievement: the ORIS_E3 - the first all-electric retractable towbar for independent garages and dealers. Until now, these comfort products were only available as optional extras directly from the car manufacturer.

The most innovative towbar for vehicle retrofitting is the perfect solution for anyone who pays attention on ease of use and, above all, comfort. And conveniently at the touch of a button! The system is also characterised by its high level of safety, maximum quality and unbeatable robustness. Designed to be flexible and user-friendly, the ORIS_E3 offers all the advantages of fully automatic systems originally installed in new vehicles.



What does this mean for you? Quality, reliability and elegant design from ORIS. Self-confident and independent, we are constantly driving our innovative strength forward - always with a focus on the highest demands of our customers.

From fixed towbars to detachable and even fully electric towbars that swivel on just one axis to particularly convenient and safe bike carriers: ORIS has the right product in its range for every application - and this with maximum vehicle coverage.


Product range overview:

Fixed towbars for the daily use:

  • With a bolted ball head, for frequent private use by passenger cars
  • With a flange ball, for commercial use by light commercial vehicles and off-road vehicles





Detachable towbars for the use by passenger cars and light commercial vehicles:

  • Horizontal detachable systems
  • Vertical detachable systems
  • Vertical detachable system with FIX4BIKE® feature: AK41 FIX4BIKE® → Also for passenger cars equipped with PDC





All-electric retractable towbars:

  • For full flexibility
  • Easy to use
  • With FIX4BIKE® feature – for maximum safety and stability → Also for passenger cars equipped with PDC





ORIS bicycle carriers:

  • For 2 or 3 bikes
  • Bike carriers ORIS TRACC und ORIS TRACC FIX4BIKE®
  • Suitable for e-bikes as well
  • Easy to install using the quick-release clamping system
  • Great functionality, safety and robust construction

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