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The cult brand Champion has been active in the field of spark plug manufacturing for over 100 years and has achieved a leading position worldwide during this time. Product developments and innovative technologies in a wide range of fields from automotive and commercial vehicles to aviation and racing are the hallmarks of the company. Champion's history began in 1907 and since then the company has helped shape several milestones in the automotive industry. Just one year after its founding, Champion spark plugs were already being installed in the Ford Estate "Tin Lizzie", one of the most famous vehicles in history and a pioneer of mass motorization. The starting signal for the aviation sector was given in 1934, when the first US jet fighter P59 was built - of course also with Champion parts. On October 4, 1984, another piece of history was written and Champion ignition equipment was part of it. In the Black Rock desert, Richard Noble reached a top speed of 1018.71km/h with his vehicle and thus became the fastest man in the world - and the Champion ignition devices were part of the fastest vehicle in the world. Following the acquisition of the Lyon Research and Development Center, the company continues to optimize existing products so that it can continue to help shape major milestones in the future.  

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Spare parts and quality

Champion offers a wide range of quality products for its customers. This includes all spark plug technology products, a wide range of filters and various brake components. The products are manufactured in-house and always meet original equipment quality. They are therefore represented in both the original equipment and the aftermarket. Champion products are also offered for racing and are accordingly also adapted to the extreme requirements of this sport. By using Iridium spark plugs, Champion's F.I.S.S. resistance and MLR technology ensures longer ignition and service life with high load capacity. Of course, Champion offer also includes glow plugs and related accessories. In addition, Champion also offers the complete range of filters, from BacterStop cabin filters to oil filters. In addition to the wide range of products for OEMs and aftermarket, the company also offers professional technical support. On the Garage Gurus platform, Champion provides bundled expertise to all mechanics, workshop owners and suppliers. Visitors have access to online training, video tutorials, technical articles and expert surveys. The knowledge is available through various channels - on the website, by calling the on-call function or in person at a training center. All the while, the offering is freely accessible and free of charge (