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As a world-renowned brand, Monroe is the first point of contact for many generations of OE manufacturers, automotive repair shops and vehicle owners when it comes to suspension systems. Through innovative products and high reliability, Monroe is recognized as a supplier of top-of-the-line products for cars, light trucks, buses, trucks and many other vehicles. In 1916, the company was founded by August F. Meyer, a young mechanic with 2 acres of land, $500 in start-up capital and a vision. Just a few years later, the company revolutionizes the shock absorber industry with the first direct-acting shock absorber, which is considered a precursor to virtually all of today's designs. Shortly thereafter, Monroe became the first original equipment manufacturer for an automobile manufacturer, as well as a supplier to railroad manufacturers and the military. The company later received five Navy "E" Awards. In 1951, the Monroe creates a major and important step in the aftermarket and American market. At that time, the Monroe-Matic became the most famous shock absorber in the world, standard in the aftermarket and the most installed shock absorber by American automakers. In 2015, the company opened the first aftermarket specialized plant with design center, G+ in Gliwice, Poland. Currently, the main technologies in the aftermarket are OESpectrum shock absorbers and Monroe RideSense electronic shock absorbers. Every fifth car already in production is equipped with Monroe technology; every month 8.5 million shock absorbers are produced and every day 800 million kilometers are driven on Monroe shock absorbers. In the present, however, Monroe is already addressing issues of the future - current projects include motion sickness prevention in autonomous vehicles and tire force distribution in today's vehicles.

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The best possible steering and driving performance is always Monroe's top priority in development and production. Monroe's automotive product line includes shock absorbers, gas springs, steering and suspension parts, seat dampers and more. The products are available in the automotive sector for passenger cars, SUVs, vans, transporters and pick-ups as original equipment and aftermarket parts. In the commercial vehicle sector, Monroe offers truck cab dampers, axle dampers and seat dampers for trucks, trailers and buses. In addition to its wide range of OEM and aftermarket products, the company also offers professional technical support. On the Garage Gurus platform, Monroe provides bundled expertise to all mechanics, workshop owners and suppliers. Visitors have access to online training, video tutorials, technical articles and expert surveys. The knowledge is available through a variety of channels - on the website, by calling the on-call function, or in person at a training center. The offering is freely accessible and free of charge (


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