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The better connection guaranteed 

For over 70 years, the NORMA Group has been synonymous with innovative connection solutions in the automotive industry. Our original equipment parts impress with reliability and material durability, even under demanding conditions. In addition, our well-thought-out products are easy and quick to assemble.

As inconspicuous as connecting parts like hose clamps in a vehicle may be, their failure due to inferior quality can lead to potentially serious consequences. Did you know that up to 100 connection points in a vehicle must be permanently and securely connected? It's worth relying on proven quality products in such cases.





OE Parts Guarantee Safety

For many decades, the automotive industry has relied on the products of the NORMA Group; 90% of all European automakers use our fastening and connection solutions. Many of these original equipment (OE) vehicle components are available in the automotive parts trade as original replacement parts for independent workshops.

Because it's certain: Only with original parts specifically developed for a particular vehicle can quality and safety be ensured in all connections during repairs. OE parts stand for precision, easy assembly, and top-notch quality.





Over 27,500 Products for Almost All Vehicle Applications

With our extensive product portfolio of over 27,000 items, we provide solutions for connections and connection repairs in nearly all types of vehicles.

Our most well-known product is the TORRO® hose clamp. However, our product range has much more to offer. We manufacture the world's most innovative fastening clamps, connecting elements, and fluid systems for various applications in vehicles, such as air intake and charge air, cooling systems, exhaust systems, fuel and oil systems, turbocharger connections, and general fastenings.





Highest Quality Standards

For over 40 years, NORMA has been supplying clamps according to the high standard of DIN 3017. NORMA has even played a part in shaping the currently valid DIN standard for worm-drive clamps. NORMA products are accredited by numerous major automotive manufacturers and certified according to ISO/TS 16949.

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100% Quality for Almost Every Vehicle Connection

1. Air Intake Charge Air:
Perfect for tight engine compartments! Our lightweight connectors are easy and quick to assemble.

2. Cooling Systems:
Cooling systems require thermal flexibility! We offer innovative clamps with automatic re-tensioning effect.

3. Turbocharger Connections:
Ready for any temperature! Our V-Band clamps seal tightly—even at gas temperatures above 1,000 °C.

4. Exhaust Systems:
Reducing emissions for more sustainability! We are constantly working on more environmentally friendly solutions.

5. Fuel and Oil Systems:
Sealed, efficient, and environmentally friendly! Our durable connectors support a loss-free fuel supply.

6. General Fastenings:
Holds everything securely in place! Our mounting clamps and cable ties secure pipes, hoses, and cable harnesses of all kinds.