Niterra UK Ltd.

Niterra UK Ltd.
Maylands Avenue
Hemel Hempstead
Hertfordshire HP2 4SD
United Kingdom

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Niterra - state-of-the-art technology for original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket


 Niterra UK Ltd.  (formerly NGK SPARK PLUG) is a globally proven specialist in ignition and sensor technology. The product portfolio under the brands NGK Ignition Parts (spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition cables and coils) and NTK Vehicle Electronics (lambda sensors, exhaust gas temperature sensors, NOx sensors, manifold boost pressure sensors and mass air flow sensors, speed and position sensors as well as exhaust gas recirculation valves and exhaust gas and differential pressure sensors) guarantees with high quality products, a safe ignition as well as an efficient and environmentally friendly combustion.

For more information on the products, visit TekniWiki and YouTube.

Outstanding product quality and technical expertise make Niterra a long-standing and sought-after partner of the automotive industry, specialist dealers and workshops worldwide. Niterra is also at the forefront of motorsport. World champions from most motorsport classes rely exclusively on Niterra products.

Founded in 1936, the Niterra Group (formerly NGK SPARK PLUG) is established on all continents and has 69 group companies worldwide, 34 production sites and five technical centers as well as three venture labs.

The company's EMEA headquarters is located in Ratingen (DE). This is also the location of the Technical Center for the tests of the pan-European automotive manufacturers. Meanwhile, the European central warehouse is located in Duisburg (DE). Affiliated to the EMEA headquarters in Germany, there are further locations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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