External care

The outside of a vehicle is constantly exposed to dirt. There are a few things to bear in mind for getting it clean again, depending on the area of application.

Tips for external car care

Whether the convertible roof, the wheel rims or the windows – vehicles are constantly exposed to external influences and quickly become dirty. If they don’t receive the correct type of care, they can actually become damaged. Proper cleaning is therefore indispensable.

Cleaning convertible roofs

Use should only be made of a suitable cleaning agent to avoid damaging soft and hard tops on convertibles. Excessively harsh SONAX cleaning agents could corrode the protective coating on convertible roofs. Depending on the type of cleaning agents used, convertibles can also be cleaned mechanically in car washes with textile brushes and at self-service washing stations. Automatic car washes are not suitable for convertible roofs. Use must not be made of hot wax when washing. Attention must always be paid to the manufacturer’s instructions for use when cleaning convertible roofs.

Cleaning car windows

<ideal> </ideal> From spring to autumn, the ability to remove dead insects from the surfaces is important. In winter, the cleaning agent must contain antifreeze to be able to deal with typical winter problems such as oil, soot and grit or salt. The product used must prevent the nozzles icing up and stop the washer fluid freezing onto the windscreen. It should also be suitable for fan-type nozzles. Attention: Inferior-quality products could cause stress cracks in the paintwork and headlight lenses.

Glass cleaning agents for cars

Thorough cleaning of car windows and headlights is best performed using cleaning agents which remove insects, dirt and exhaust deposits without leaving any streaks. But cleaning is not just important on the outside. The inside of the windscreen and the mirror should also be cleaned regularly to remove nicotine deposits and greasy films.

Cleaning wheel rims

Modern wheel-rim cleaning agents thoroughly and gently remove even the most stubborn road grime and tacky brake dust. Acid-free cleaning agents are recommended. Aggressive cleaning agents would cause corrosion on the wheel bolts and other metallic surfaces. The best way to proceed is to spray the wheel rim with the cleaning agent and then use a soft brush or a sponge to remove stubborn dirt. Finally, the wheels should be thoroughly rinsed with water.


The usual method of sealing wheel-rim surfaces is to apply hard wax or a special nano-based wheel-rim sealant. Dirt does not then become so stubbornly attached to the rims and is easier to remove.


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