Passenger-compartment care

It isn’t only on the outside that vehicles can become filthy due to mud, leaves, snow, etc. Such contaminants can often infiltrate the passenger compartment. The right care helps keep upholstery, leather and carpets clean.

Passenger-compartment care

Just as important as caring for the car’s exterior is caring for the passenger compartment. Dirt can build up over time in the upholstery and carpets in particular. Excess moisture can also become a problem and cause an unpleasant odour in the car. With the right treatment, the interior of the vehicle will stay clean and not depreciate in value.

Neutralising odours in the passenger compartment

Nicotine and animals can often leave persistent, unpleasant odours in a car. These can be neutralised and entrapped by special sprays. Many sprays are also slightly perfumed to keep the air pleasant and fresh. Ozone treatment is also available from specialist suppliers to eliminate odours.

Leather care in cars

Regular care and cleaning are necessary to ensure that all the leather items in a car enjoy a long service life. Particularly for car seats, it is important to not just clean the leather but to employ the appropriate care products to keep it supple as well. In addition, care products containing beeswax, for example, are advisable to ensure long-lasting preservation. Care should also be taken to ensure that any cleaning foam used is suitable for vehicles with heated seats and for perforated leather surfaces.

Cleaning upholstery and alcantara

A cleaning agent which will both gently remove stains and neutralise unpleasant odours is recommended for the care of Alcantara and upholstery covers.

Cleaning car windows

Ideal for cleaning glass are products which do not leave streaks and which quickly and thoroughly remove dirt and exhaust deposits from windows and headlights alike. These should be suitable for particular tasks depending on the time of year: From spring to autumn, the ability to remove dead insects from the surfaces is important. In winter, the cleaning agent must contain antifreeze to be able to deal with typical winter problems such as oil, soot and grit or salt. The product used must prevent the nozzles icing up and stop the washer fluid freezing onto the windscreen. It should also be suitable for fan-type nozzles. Attention: Inferior-quality products could cause stress cracks in the paintwork and headlight lenses.

Deep-cleaning products for cars

Plastic and rubber parts in the vehicle can be cleaned, cared for and protected with high-quality care emulsions. The care emulsion penetrates deep into the surface and so works from inside. Some products also have an anti-static effect, freshen up the colour and are pleasantly perfumed.

Cleaning car carpets

When cleaning carpets, a stiff brush should be used to loosen and remove stubborn dirt. For thorough cleaning, it is advisable to use a cleaning agent for the car interior which, with plenty of water, will remove even deep-seated stains. After cleaning, the carpet must be dried and aired to make sure no moisture is left in the car. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner is ideal for this purpose.


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