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The medium-sized, family-run and owned company, Herth+Buss, can look back on over 90 successful years. The Herth+Buss brand covers the two product ranges Elparts and Jakoparts. As a specialist in vehicle electrics, Elparts offers a comprehensive range of over 9,200 special electrical parts for all your needs - from cars to commercial vehicles. Jakoparts is the specialist for Japanese and Korean vehicles. With more than 18,500 vehicle-related parts for Asian vehicle models, you are sure to get the right product. As only satisfied customers can be real partners, we provide a comprehensive spectrum of services, individual storage ideas for efficient warehouse management, parts identification through tailored and precise product data, support at the POS or participation in in-house exhibitions and customer events. Certified suppliers and competent logistics management ensure that a part availability of 95 percent can be obtained.


With our Elparts range we offer a comprehensive product spectrum that meets any requirement, from automobiles to commercial vehicles. This is our professional workshop solution and that‘s why we‘re always first choice.


  • over 6,200 universal parts
  • over 3,000 vehicle-specific parts with 666,000 vehicle links
  • comprehensive range for all vehicle types
  • exactly fitting parts allocation
  • professional solutions thanks to over 90 years of experience


We are specialists in Japanese and Korean vehicle models. With its comprehensive range and first-to-market promise, our Jakoparts range of spare parts is a real heavyweight. That’s why we’re always first choice.


  • over 18,500 vehicle-specific parts
  • with 260,000 vehicle links
  • exactly fitting parts allocation
  • quality even for the latest models
  • fast availability from Germany´s no. 1

Herth+Buss Online catalogue

Are you missing the right spare part? In our online catalogue you are sure to find the right item. The online catalogue gives you access to the entire Herth+Buss range, which you can search according to various criteria. With 9,200 automotive electrical products and over 18,500 spare parts for Asian vehicle models, Herth+Buss offers you a comprehensive range. You receive information in proven TecDoc quality - only faster! You can access monthly updated vehicle allocations, reference numbers, criteria and product images of over 27,700 articles at any time. All this in 21 languages! Click here for the online catalogue!

Step-by-step perfectly fitting replacement brakes

We regularly publish product information and technical installation tips on our company blog drive! and our facebook page.

1. Raise the vehicle and disassemble the wheel.

2. Release the brake calliper and remove the brake pads. Attention: when replacing brake discs, always replace the brake pads with them and replace all brake discs/brake pads on the respective axle!

3. Ensure adequate strain relief for the brake hoses and securely fix the brake calliper in place on a steering or suspension part.

4. Remove the brake disc and check the brake components for damage, replacing them if necessary.

5. Clean and/or remove rust from the contact surface using a wheel hub grinder intended for this purpose. The wheel hub must not be damaged when doing so!

6. Now mount the new, perfectly fitting Herth+Buss brake disc onto the wheel hub. The new brake disc must be completely free of grease to ensure that the braking power is not compromised later on. Please note: it is not necessary to clean the brake disc or remove the coating before installation! After performing the repair, the vehicle should be braked hard four to five times from around 50 - 60 km/h during a test drive to remove the coating from the brake discs.

7. Now mount the brake calliper bracket.

8. Before resetting the brake pistons with a suitable reset tool in the next step, you should first check the brake fluid level and extract a little of the fluid if necessary. Please be sure to observe the manufacturer’s instructions when resetting the pistons!

9. Apply a high-temperature-resistant, non-metallic permanent lubricant to the contact and guide surfaces of the brake calliper brackets and the brake pads.

10. Now insert the new brake pads from the Jakoparts product range. The brake pads can be installed with the greatest of ease thanks to the assignment of precisely fitting parts.

11. As a final step, mount the brake calliper and fully tighten the bolts using a torque wrench. Observe the manufacturer’s instructions for this step as well! Following this, the wheel can be installed.

The Werkstatt-Buddies

Do you already know our Werkstatt-Buddies? If not, you should definitely take advantage of the tips and tricks they provide in an entertaining way! With double professional knowledge our Werkstatt-Buddies Jens Heun and Peter Thilthorpe inform about technical contents and our products from expert to expert.

Visit them: https://herthundbuss.com/en/drive/

Press: https://herthundbuss.com/en/overview-downloads/press/

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