Windscreen washer system

The windscreen (or wind shield) washer system of a car allows the driver to clean the windscreen and, depending on the version, the rear window as well.


The windscreen washer system consists of several components: The wash water pump pumps the water/water + cleaning solution from the water tank to the jets at the bottom of the windscreen/rear window. The jets spray the wash water onto the windscreen, where the wipers remove the water and dirt. In many cars, the washer system also supplies wash water to the rear window. In this case, two wash water pumps may be used, depending on the design. In cars that have headlight cleaning, the windscreen washer system also supplies wash water to the headlight cleaning nozzles of the front headlights. The water is sprayed onto the windscreen and rear window upon being initiated by the driver from the driver’s seat – usually via a lever/switch on the steering wheel. In modern cars, windscreen washer systems are usually coupled with the wiper systems via an electronic control. The spraying of the windscreen initiated by the driver is followed by a subsequent automatic after-wiping set at a fixed frequency.

  • Windscreen washer system Bosch
    Windscreen washer system Bosch


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