Lane-change assistant

The lane-change assistant is capable of preventing hazardous situations when changing lane and thus reducing the risk of accidents.


The lane-change assistant, like the lane-departure warning system, falls within the family of lane-assist systems. While the lane-departure warning system works with a front camera, the lane-change assistant is based on a radar system in the rear of the vehicle. The system is based on two radar sensors at the rear end of the vehicle which continuously monitor the areas alongside and diagonally behind the vehicle. If the system detects vehicles in the blind spot or vehicles approaching rapidly from behind, it warns the driver with an illuminated symbol in the area of the wing mirrors, for example. If the driver actuates the turn signal indicator to change lane, the system can additionally provide an acoustic and/or haptic warning to call the driver’s attention to the potential danger.


As an active safety system, the lane-change assistant helps prevent accidents by avoiding hazardous situations when changing lanes as far as possible. In doing so, it makes an important contribution to reducing accident statistics in spite of increasingly dense road traffic. .


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