Traffic sign recognition

Traffic sign recognition is an advanced driver assistance system which can recognise road signs and display the corresponding information in the vehicle. Traffic sign recognition is also known as traffic sign assist.


Traffic sign recognition
Traffic sign recognition uses a forward-facing video camera mounted in the area of the rear view mirror to permanently monitor road traffic signs. This information is interpreted by image processing algorithms: if a traffic sign is recognised, this is tracked and displayed in the instrument panel or on the monitor of the navigation unit/infotainment system when the vehicle passes the sign. Warning functions can be implemented on the basis of this information, for example before breaking the speed limit, overtaking where this is forbidden or ignoring stop/no entry signs. Automatic adjustment of vehicle speed to the applicable speed limit is also possible. This "Intelligent Speed Assist" and traffic sign display also form part of the EuroNCAP Ratings.


Traffic sign recognition considerably enhances safety, as it allows drivers to concentrate on the traffic in complicated situations. The system also helps motorists to keep to the speed limit.