Additional headlights

Daytime driving lights offer impressive benefits: they make vehicles easier to see on the road, thereby decisively improving daytime safety. Furthermore, as they consume significantly less power...


Additional headlights supplement standard lighting and provide the ideal means of improving lighting performance in poor light and poor weather conditions. Whilst additional headlights are the right choice for drivers who frequently have to travel in poor ambient light conditions, additional fog lights improve safety in fog. Additional headlights can be retrofitted; they come on when the standard headlights are switched on. Additional fog lights are activated via a switch connected to the rear fog light. 


Zusatzfernscheinwerfer kommen bei häufig schlechter Umgebungsbeleuchtung zum Einsatz. Sie können nachträglich montiert werden und schalten sich mit dem serienmäßigen Fernlicht ein.


Nebelscheinwerfer verbessern die Sicht und Sicherheit bei Nebel. Sie werden in Verbindung mit der Nebelschlussleuchte über einen Schalter aktiviert.


Additional headlights provide significant additional safety when visibility is poor and in bad weather conditions. The additional light often gives drivers those vital seconds in critical hazardous situations. Upgrading standard vehicle lighting is always to be recommended and can save lives.

Environmental protection

LEDs are increasingly being used in additional headlights too. They combine high luminosity and an extremely long service life with low power consumption. Additional headlights featuring LED technology cannot be recommended highly enough where impact on the environment is concerned.


Anyone who drives a lot at night must be able to rely on their lights under all circumstances. Stone chips, moisture, dirt - none of these must be allowed to restrict functionality or cause total failure. High-quality additional headlights offer stability, resistance and outstanding performance. This not only further enhances safety but also helps the vehicle to retain value.

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