Parking assist system

Active parking systems are also known as parking assist systems. They represent a more sophisticated form of parking aid system and perform the necessary parking manoeuvres either fully autonomously or semi-autonomously.


A distinction is made between semi-autonomous and autonomous parking assist systems.

Semi-autonomous parking assist system

Parking assist system A special sensor located in the side of the front bumper scans theside of the road as the vehicle drives past. The parking assist system informs the driver if it detects a suitable parallel or perpendicular parking space. When activated, the system calculates the best way of approaching the gap, the steering manoeuvres required and the number of moves involved. Whilst the parking assist system guides the vehicle into the parking space, the driver is merely responsible for speed control. In other words: The driver controls the parking process by carefully accelerating and braking. The parking assist system performs all the necessary steering action with the help of the power steering. The driver can stop the manoeuvre at any time. A semi-autonomous parking assist system also provides help when moving out of a parking space by steering the vehicle into the correct starting position so that the driver can move out safely and quickly.

Autonomous parking assist system

In addition to steering action, autonomous parking assist systems also take over speed control (acceleration, braking). In other words the system guides the vehicle into and out of the selected parking space fully automatically. With particularly advanced systems the driver can decide whether he wishes to remain in the car whilst parking or get out beforehand.

Value retention

The use of parking assist systems can help to avoid the annoying, costly repairs associated with parking scrapes.